Institut Biblique du Québec


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IBQ is one of five Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC) post-secondary pastoral and ministry training institutions in Canada and the only official French one (The members of the Governing Board may be seen below.). We partner with, and work alongside of, all other PAOC Colleges across Canada and Université Laval.

This Fall, IBQ starts offering courses in English!

Two courses will be offered this Fall:

THL-2003 Prophetic Literature with Paul Lasanté, Tuesday evenings;

HST-1900 Church History I with Jerry Thomas, as an online course on our virtual campus.



We offer a Bachelor of Theology (30 courses) or Certificate of Theology (10 courses)

Simply fill out our application form below:

And the application form from Université Laval by clicking here.

Our classrooms and offices are located on the South Shore of Montreal in the community of Longueuil, the third largest city in the Province of Québec.

Our training is Bible-based and the courses have been developed to prepare students for practical and pastoral ministry. We offer programs that will prepare students for ministry among children, youth, or adults in local church settings, as well as in church planting and the development of new ministries.

IBQ provides numerous options for study. Whether one’s desire is…

– to take an occasional course as a part-time student in order to better serve in his local church,
– to work towards one of our one-year Certificates to become a PAOC Credentialed Minister, or
– to enroll in our three-year diploma program to qualify as a Licensed Credential Minister,

Our classes are available online and at our Longueuil Campus. Please contact us to discuss the different options that would be available to you.

. We do provide the possibility for term papers and reports to be written and submitted in English.

Our Library of 14,000 volumes is available to students and Pastors and our Catalogue may be accessed online.

If you would be interested in partnering with IBQ as an individual, a church or a training institution, please contact President Gary Connors, who also serves as the Québec and Francophone Canada Coordinator for Mission Canada.

Thank you!



Please note that you will also need to apply as a Université Laval student. You can do so by clicking here and filling out the application form. Please contact our Registrar, Miss Si Heu, if you need assistance.